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SmartFlo is aligned perfectly with your agencies need to manage multiple clients & campaigns

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SmartTools for agile marketing

SmartFlo is a multi-tenant system that allows an agency to securely manage any number of clients each with their unique branding and workflows in a single system. The project and job management functions of SmartFlo align perfectly with the agencies need to manage multiple client campaigns.

The configurable nature of every SmartFlo Affiliate supports branding and configuration of their user experience 

SmartFlo’s mobile interface assures your team that they have direct access to the details of every project from the field.

SmartForms provides a great vehicle for capturing customer submissions to a contest, managing the details of an alliance partnership or checking off requirements.

The integrated DAM service of SmartFlo automatically stores and indexes every project and job asset so that they can be easily found and re-purposed to support other aspects of the brand.

The time and materials tracking can be tied into the billing system to shorten the order to cash cycle.  Job Managers can initiate thousand of jobs in minutes in order to coordinate task assignments and events with supply chain partners around the globe.

Your Global Solution

Tools to refine your digital publishing process

  • Digital Asset Management with Thumbnails & Previews
  • Full version control
  • Easy to Use and Secure
  • Integrated File Annotation, Collaboration and Approval
  • Auto-Reporting of User Interaction
  • Dynamic Asset Comment Log with Lifecycle Status
  • Securely Share Access to Assets on Demand
  • Automated Metadata Management
  • Simple “Google Like” Asset Search


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