A collaboration software that transforms the way your company connects

…optimized with tools for project management, secure collaboration and visualization

Design your process and choreograph your team of task performers by piloting SmartFlo with your brand…

Your Private Network

There is no “I” in Team

  • DAM enabled BPM
  • Quick to Deploy
  • Easy to Use
  • Manage & Share Secure Access
  • Secure Sharing of Digital Media
  • Automatically Provide Assets as Needed
  • Manage Everything Start to Finish
  • Water Mark & File Annotation
  • Intuitive Document Search
  • Establish a Permanent Digital Library

Share Secure Access to Documents, Tasks, Jobs and Projects

Your Competitive Advantage

SmartFlo is a private social network for project managers to create and choreograph teams of task performers. Every user is able to manage and share access to digital files and share access with the group.

Even non-registered users can be invited to securely start jobs or upload files.

The scale-able asset search lets you stay on top of your project with a simple Google-like search for easy collaboration even if you have 100,000 files.

SmartFlo automates secure filing and sharing of digital media

Simple or Advance Search

Search by company data, metadata, project, job ID, status, properties, tags with customizable or restricted access.

Automatically Manage Assets

Populate, search for, and retrieve assets from the system automatically based on your needs

Role-Based Permissions

Some user groups can manage projects while others can collaborate in secret, manage form-based assets, create projects, and re-assign tasks

Asset Previews

Previews for managing graphical assets save time and streamline your product workflow

Track User Interaction

The job ticket for each element will include the element IDs that define the what, when where, and how requirements of the job

Provide Graphics on Demand

Project assets are loaded once and will appear in the virtual job bag or case file based on the user’s role in the workflow.


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