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How to better orchestrate your events from start to finish

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A Custom Solution For Your Events

More efficiently plan events, measure results & engage attendees

In the event business, the show must go on. Opening day does not move, and everything has to be ready on time and in full.

Show planning takes place for months in advance. Sign orders have to be produced, exhibits are built and moved into trucks and staged at the site so that the event builds in the right sequence for opening day.

On-site at the conference center, hourly workers show up to help build the exhibits and move all the elements into place.

SmartFlo manages their tasks in real time. No one stands around waiting for his or her next assignment.

The sequence of events is managed to optimize the loading dock, heavy equipment and resources in the most efficient way. Signs are tagged with QR codes that the installer scans to access the specific instructions for placement and removal.

Customers interact with the SmartFlo to upload marketing materials and fill in SmartForms with their requirements.

From start to finish a complete log evolves showing how every sign, structure, booth, exhibit, fixture and treatment was ordered, constructed, set in place, serviced, and removed. All the work orders are fulfilled, and there is a report that details estimate and actual time for every work order.

SmartFlo’s custom event planning keeps you on time and under budget.

Enhance Your Show Planning

Free yourself up to be creative

  • Simplify Show Planning
  • Oversee Tasks in Real Time
  • Keep Track Of Complex Sequences of Events
  • Use Resources in the Most Efficient Way
  • Integrate With Customer Interaction
  • Start to Finish Logs & Records
  • Track Work Orders & Fulfillment


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