Digitally & Automatically Manage Assets
…on the cloud

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Cloud-Based Asset Management

The next generation solution

  • DAM enabled BPM
  • Automatically Manages Assets
  • Thumbnails and Previews
  • Role-based Permissions
  • Track Time and User Interaction with Assets
  • Automatically Provide Assets as Needed
  • Easy Asset Search

The logical evolution of DAM and BPM systems

Intuitive and Accurate

The consolidation of these two services is inevitable. The competitive advantage is simply too great.

Process improvement creates competitive advantage and greater profitability. BPM makes process improvement more measurable. The DAM becomes an integral service to the workflow, and the resulting logs are a discoverable secure record of events.

The result is your systems reduce cycle time and cost while improving quality.

DAM enabled BPM

DAM enabled BPM system automatically manages the assets that are associated with each runtime instance of every workflow

Automatically Manage Assets

Populate, search for, and retrieve assets from the system automatically based on your needs

Role-Based Permissions

Some user groups can manage projects while others can collaborate in secret, manage form-based assets, create projects, and re-assign tasks

Asset Previews

Previews for managing graphical assets save time and streamline your product workflow

Track User Interaction

The job ticket for each element will include the element IDs that define the what, when where, and how requirements of the job

Provide Graphics on Demand

Project assets are loaded once and will appear in the virtual job bag or case file based on the user’s role in the workflow.

Automatically configured to manage the digital files associated with projects and jobs

Assets loaded into a virtual job bag or project folder automatically inherit an extensive set of job metadata that supports role-based searching for the assets of running and completed jobs.

This saves time, guarantees the integrity of the search data and eliminates the opportunity for data entry error and the need for a cyber librarian.

Auto-generate asset metadata
Asset version control
Full support for virtual assets
Exportable asset comment log
Secure URL access to assets
Legal confidential comments
Batch movement of assets
Version control
File status indicator
Multi-Select function

Drag & Drop asset movement
Public & private asset comments
Image, PDF and video previews
Folder upload & download
Secure Email File Links
Secure access to collections
Secure automated file sharing
Embed hyperlinks
Multiple file locks

Multi-Sort function
File access log
Simple Google-like asset search
Access controlled project assets
Mobile device voice annotation
Mobile photo / video / voice assets
Watermark protection
Manage remote repositories
Floating drag & drop asset cart
Batch file transfer

Virtual job bag that travels through the workflow

Every user may be granted permission to manage and share access to digital files that they control through a secure library of personal archives and collections.

In this way users can maintain their own file library and simply drag and drop assets into virtual job bags as their assigned tasks may require.

All assets are managed through secure hyperlinks. Copying an asset across projects and jobs never duplicates the actual asset file. If the asset is updated with a new version, all related copies are automatically updated.

Users never have to wonder if they have the latest version of an asset. Email systems no longer needed to transfer assets to users.

It is easy to upload files to any SmartFlo job bag or archive

The intuitive drag and drop method is a favorite of most power users. Even non-registered users can upload files to a running job or user archive by clicking on a PIN protected hyperlink that unlocks the intuitive file upload service.

This eliminates the hassle of having to manage a separate FTP service to exchange files with un-registered users


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