How to reduce cycle time and cost in government processes

Federal, State & Local governments manage large and small projects that keep the business of government working with SmartFlo

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Federal, State, & Local governments manage thousands of projects that keep the business of government working.

Unfortunately, technology lags way behind in most government agencies. Many service request systems are still paper-based, and the barriers to new technology are to a great extend ingrained in the culture.

SmartFlo eliminates the manual shuffling of paper. It shortens the cycle time and coordinates the process so that the permitting and inspection process is user friendly.

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Swiftly Manage Resources

  • Secure Online System
  • Collect Fees Electronically
  • Generate Printable PDF Permits
  • Easier Way To Manage Inspections
  • Automated Email Task Notifications 
  • Graphical Annotation For Clear Mark-ups of Plan Documents
  • Full Comment Log Travels with the case file and each document
  • Automatically Update Process Status
  • Rapid Configuration and Training

Reducing cycle time and cost in government

Municipalities, large or small, require construction permits, conduct inspections, and access property taxes. For the most part this is a paper-based process of forms submission and review.

With SmartFlo, the entire process can be managed online. SmartForms are configured to capture the construction request. Builders can upload drawings, and the county clerk can review submissions online.

Fees can be collected through an electronic payment service, and the permits can be generated as a printable PDF.

The workflow manages the inspection process as well. Inspectors receive email task notifications that they can access through any mobile device.

The graphical annotation tool supports mark-up and a comment log. All interaction is securely logged. The job information is automatically indexed to allow authorized users to search and retrieve the entire workflow and all related assets.


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