Managing workflows across a global supply chain where brand and regulatory compliance challenge speed to market?

See how SmartFlo helps global CPG companies manage regulatory compliance for packaging, promotions, sweepstakes, alliance partnerships and brand licensing projects on a single platform.


“Form follows function…

…Simply be the best”

Established in 2002, CHALEX has decades of collective knowledge and experience in providing business process management solutions for companies engaged in globally distributed production workflows.

Clients manage global workflows involving critical tasks that must be delivered on time, be produced to perfection and complete in every way.

Process improvement is the most valuable initiative your company can embrace

Streamline processes, reduce paperwork, cut down on meetings and introduce new technology that is easily learned for minimal disruption.

That is how a $35 billion dollar global food manufacturer reduced their cycle time to launch new products by 50% to 85% in every key performance metric.


Easy-to-Use Workflow Management System

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Improve Your Workflow without Compromise

  • DAM Enabled BPM

    DAM Enabled BPM

    An Athlete in Top Form
    • Cloud-Based Automation
    • Drag and Drop Easy
    • Secure Share of Digital files
  • Workflow Management

    Workflow Management

    Time for a new ideal
    • Multi-Tenant Optimized Workflow
    • Automated Tracking Greater Profitability
    • Complex Projects Are Scalable & Easy
  • Project Lifecycle

    Project Lifecycle

    Innovations that you can trust
    • Reduce Project Cycle to Cut Costs
    • Stay on Schedule by Identifying Bottlenecks
    • Comprehensive & Adapted for Your Brand

Explore Your SmartFlo

DAM enabled BPM

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DAM enabled BPM system automatically manages the assets that are associated with each runtime instance of every workflow.

Workflow Management Software

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Efficient workflow tracking with reporting includes a dynamic project dashboard, email notifications & alerts to dynamically configure teams & tasks through your custom workflow.

Product Lifecycle Management

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Improve KPIs with confidence with SmartFlo’s easy to use enhanced tracking system. Predict delays before they happen by capturing real time data for progressive enhancement of your life-cycle.

Business System Integration

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Configured to your needs SmartFlo ties together your loose ends. With the flexibility to meet your needs you will find the swift way you can quickly integrate is made to order for your business.

Automatic Regulatory Compliance

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SmartFlo’s compliance standards & reporting helps avoid fines & penalties. Lower your overhead while the secure permanent record supports adherence to the strict guidelines for what you can claim about your products.

Business Collaboration & File Sharing

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Easy to use project management, secure collaboration and visualization tools help choreograph your teams. Discover file annotation, water-marking & automatically providing assets as needed with SmartFlo.


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