Trim the cost of care while improving the quality

Patient visits & home-based care for the 21st century

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How a Secure Internet connection can reduce healthcare costs

Improving the quality of service to the patient

As the population ages and the cost of healthcare escalates, the need for home-based care increases dramatically.

SmartFlo can be configured to manage the case files of the mobile home care worker. Nurse practitioners linked to the hospital through a secure Internet connection can significantly reduce the cost of home care while improving the quality of service to the patient.

Patient visits can include SmartForm checklists. Practitioners can upload comments, photos, and video with form data in real-time. Access to the patient record can be securely controlled and the SmartFlo repository can securely store and manage access to confidential patient records.

SmartFlo is equally configurable to mange case files or jobs. Both are advanced through a workflow where assets and data are added as the record moves through the process.

That is how you give better patient care with a configurable DAM enabled BPM system.

Control Patient Records Securly

Don’t over look important details

  • Reduce the Cost Of Treatment
  • Improve Accuracy & Sidestep Risk
  • Refine Quality of Service
  • Raise Quality Standards
  • Modernize Patient Reporting
  • Securely Upload Comments, Photos, and Video
  • Streamline Secure Access to Confidential Records


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