They Admitted Productivity Gains for just About Every Step

How to capture real-time data, reduce cycle time & improve KPIs with confidence

See how dashboard views of projects anticipate problems and maximize efficiency by taking SmartFlo for a tour…

Observable Process Improvement

Exceed expectations and lower costs

  • Enhanced Tracking System
  • Easy to Use
  • Predict Delays & Adapt
  • Capture Real-Time Data
  • Measure your KPIs
  • Hone Average Cycle Times
  • Anticipate Problems & Continuously Improve

What’s Your Product Lifecycle’s Story?

What would a 50% reduction in product cycle time do for your business?

SmartFlo’s ease-of-use has led to significant productivity gains in tracking marketing projects. In fact, some clients have seen productivity gains in just about every single area of tracking since moving to SmartFlo.

Productivity gains from 50% to more than 85% have been reported. The trick is you see the entire metrics of a lifecycle and stay on track. You get the bird’s eye view above the clouds.

Reporting APIs capture real-time data that the team uses to establish baselines for each task in your project. Reports reveal the average task cycle time and the number of cycles through a task for each workflow and team.

Your team now has a better way of measuring their KPIs with confidence.

Standardize—and Redesign

Establish new baselines for each task in your project process. Model your own workflows, Track estimate to actual cost, Email task notifications & alerts, Auto calculated milestone dates and more!

Users Love It

SmartFlo is quick to deploy and easy to use which creates happy users that continuously improve to maintain your competitive advantage

Upgrade Legacy Systems

Old systems can be tedious & time consuming and users sometimes neglect them. Setup takes only 10 minutes for an average project which makes it much more inviting to use. Some are still using spreadsheets!

Every interaction with users, assets, tasks, projects, processes, schedules, milestones and jobs is logged

Key performance indicator reporting provides managers with the information they need to continuously improve and maintain a competitive advantage.

Put it another way! How would a 50% reduction in your competitors cycle time affect your current competitive advantage?

Exceed your client expectations and lower your costs in the process.

Take command of your workflows and reap the benefits of real process improvement


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