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How violations can result in punishing fines

Experience SmartForms’ compliance reporting at the lowest possible cost by taking it for a test drive!

SmartForms for Laws, Regulations & Guidelines

Your secure permanent record

  • Easier Compliance with the Law
  • Avoid Retaliatory Fines
  • Lower Administrative Overhead
  • Complete Organizational Record
  • Seamless Integrations with your Business Process
  • Intuitive, Accurate and Simple
  • Can be Updated on the Fly

SmartForms Slash Risk

Reduce The Chance Of Legal Punishment Including Federal Fines

There are strict guidelines for what you can claim about your products and how you present these facts.

Reporting on compliance can be time consuming and costly but failing to report accurately and in a timely way can result in punishing fines.

SmartForms capture responses to questions at any task in a workflow and record all form-based entries in a database. All entries to your forms are securely recorded as the form is routed through your workflow.

With SmartFlo you have a complete record of the reporting process along with every version of any forms that were submitted in the process of communicating the event in the prescribed way.

You have a secure permanent record of the event and how it was reported. This includes all the supporting information, images, testimony, comments and the process log.

You are in compliance.

That is why you want great reporting at the lowest possible cost.

Custom to You

Record the information where and when you need it to make compliance better and easier. You can even get custom branded email notifications.

Permanent & Secure

 SmartForms save data and record all form-based entries in a database. It’s complete and helps you save time.

Lower Costs

Compliance is part of the cost of business. It’s administrative overhead, like insurance, that may add little value until a problem occurs. Why not do it better & save money?


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