A suite of workflow and digital asset management tools to ensure on-time delivery of sophisticated projects

How to enhance the progress of thousands of jobs in real time

Take a fresh look at the efficiency of your workflow by taking SmartFlo for a test drive

Flexible Solution for Present-day Workflows

Drag & Drop Workflow Modeling

  • Dynamic Project Dashboard
  • Initiate & Monitor Collaborations 
  • Email Notifications & Alerts
  • Auto Calculate Milestones
  • Rules based task routing
  • Automatically Log Activities
  • Automatically Provide Assets as Needed
  • Dynamically Configure Teams & Task Performers

A Broad Range of Management Tools

Efficient Workflow Tracking, Reporting & Execution for Improving Corporate Performance

Great people, strong leadership and sensible policies and procedures are the building blocks of a stable and secure organization. SmartFlo helps management weave adherence to policy and procedure with productivity.

Whether the workflow is simply on-boarding a new hire, or designing and producing new products, packaging and promotion campaigns, SmartFlo will orchestrate every task assignment, record every scheduled task, and automatically file related assets through every step of any process.

Project managers can start projects and jobs and have access to a broad range of management tools. SmartFlo automatically manages the milestone schedule for every job.

Managers can track estimate to actual for any billing code in real-time. Reports are automatically generated to show every billing code interaction for the entire project, each job, and at any task or by each performer in the workflow.

That’s how you advance quality while reducing cycle time and cost.

Project Job Board

Have greater project visibility and see which user behaviors are staying on track. Get a birds eye view and see everything above the clouds.

Automatic Reporting

Automatically log all activities and get competitive insight into your projects, jobs and tasks.

Accurate Communications

A unique attachment controls access to each job and its comment log, versions, tags, and properties.

Fundamentally changing the way entire industries operate

SmartFlo includes a suite of productivity tools that ensure secure and accurate communications, and efficient management of resources.

Isn’t it time to take a fresh look at the efficiency of your current platform?


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